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How to Find Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Beauty maybe in the eye of the beholder, and yet your own inner and outer beauty can be improved by a number of different lifestyle choices. These include relaxing using mediation, laughing regularly, always looking on the bright side of any situation and avoiding the negativity of daily news programs.

1. Reduce Stress by Relaxation and Meditation – Meditation is an excellent method to help you improve your general health and will have a flow on effect to your beauty. For example it can help to break a habit of worrying about something you cannot control by just calming your mind. Any type of worrying increases stresses on the body and can be seen particularly in peoples faces. From a physical beauty viewpoint meditation helps to relax the face and body muscles. The impact of stress on the body and in particular the face can often be seen in the faces of our political leaders as the stresses of their office, age their face, before our eyes. Having meditated for over 30 years, the benefits to the beauty and health of my body have been profound.

2. Add Fun and Laughter to Your Life – Laughter will help to relax your body by releasing pain relieving and muscle relaxing endorphins. The release of these endorphins will help create a strong immune system which then leads to a slowing down the aging process and a consequent improvement in your beauty. Read the rest of this entry »

Rose Bush Care to Create Beautiful Roses

Here’s a nice piece of technical advice on rose bush care that will be great news for you. It’s on the subject of deadheading which may at first sound like a dead head subject but hang in there because it’s about to get real nice for you.

Once a beautiful rose has finished blooming and starts going downhill, the color starts to fade and the petals begin to drop, it’s called a spent bloom or a deadhead. Well for the health of your rose plant these spent blooms need to be deadheaded, which means they need to be cut off.

The best way to deadhead your spent blooms is to go down to the first leaf or the second leaf and cut the stem just above where the leaf joins the stem, above the leaf node as it’s called. Cut about a quarter of an inch above the leaf node (this is for deadheading not for cutting off new beautiful blooms, covered next).

This is actually good rose bush care as it encourages new flowering. In fact if you consistently deadhead your rose bush will even go into overdrive producing more and more flowers. Isn’t that nice? I told you there was good news about deadheading but this isn’t all by far so keep reading because the best is yet to come.

Why does the rose plant quickly and abundantly replace deadheaded flowers? Nature has provided all plants and animals with a strong desire to reproduce. Read the rest of this entry »