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Which Is The Capital Of Fashion?

Fashion is all around us and no matter if we like watching the fashion shows on TV or simply look in glossy magazines, we are surrounded by it. In many capitals of the world fashion is an important subject and one of the major concerns for young girls (and not only them!). But where exactly is the capital of Fashion?

This is an ongoing battle between the most famous capitals that also hold some of the famous Fashion Weeks. If last year the top places in the chart where occupied by Milan, New York, Paris, Rome and London, this year according to the Global Language Monitor’s annual global survey things have changed dramatically. The state of the financial environment has also affected the fashion industry just like anything else. The fashion shows were still abundant, the catwalks were still crowded but the fashion buzz was a lot dimmer.

This year’s top ten fashion capitals of the world include (1 through 10):

Milano – The city that managed to overtake New York but also some other important cities on the fashion radar such as Rome and Paris.

New York – After five years when it occupied the first position, being the world’s capital of fashion, NY was overtaken by Milano this year. Read the rest of this entry »

The Barcelona Fashion Scene

New York, Milan, and Paris dominate the fashion scene, but beautiful Barcelona has made a name for itself in this fiercely competitive field. The city has created Barcelona Fashion Week to showcase its innovative designers, unique perspectives, and cutting-edge fashions. Planners of the 2007 premiere said they hoped to “turn Barcelona into one of the foremost showcases for fashion on an international level and an unmistakable point of reference in the world of fashion and cutting-edge design.” They hoped to create a “culture of fashion” and show the world that Barcelona. The eyes of the fashion world are on Barcelona.

Perhaps the most famous of Barcelona’s designers is Custo, created by David and Custodio Dalmau. Their designs have been featured on Sex and the City, Friends, and on numerous gorgeous celebrities. Coveted, award-winning, and internationally renowned, Custo does Barcelona proud and shows the world that Barcelona is indeed a point of reference in the world of fashion. Exciting designers Josep Abril, La Casita de Wendy, Antonio Miro, Joaquim Verdu, Armand Basi, and many more are helping to transform Barcelona into a leading fashion capital.

In Barcelona, one can find all the international designer labels, including Chanel, Mont Blanc, Miro, Gucci, Armani, and Cartier, as well as the city’s own exciting designers. Read the rest of this entry »

Wooden Jewellery – The New Bling!

Eco-friendly, fair trade wooden jewellery is in and gaudy glitter and glitz is definitely out! In this economy, spending too much on jewellery is out of the question and best of all, it is not necessary!

It seems as if the whole world is moving away from the idea that value only resides in precious metals and gems. The 21st century has ushered in a new awareness of the value of Nature, and our renewed appreciation of the environment has brought about a revolution in fashion jewellery design!

Contemporary Fashion
If anyone had any doubts about the increasing importance of fashion jewellery, the London Touring Exhibition Unexpected Pleasures at the National Gallery Victoria has swept them all away. Unexpected Pleasures focuses on the close relationship between art, craft, design and fashion through a display of important works from around the world.

These radical experiments from the contemporary fashion jewellery movement may not be everyone’s choice of daywear, but they are an indication that our conventional understanding of personal adornment is undergoing a sea-change.

Resin Jewellery
With modern techniques, resin jewellery can be made to resemble ivory, amber, coral and tortoiseshell allowing us to pay homage to the natural beauty of these materials without damaging the environment.

However, it is also being used to create exciting new styles, with clear bangles and pendants into which decorative items can be sealed and preserved forever, from flowers from a wedding bouquet to antique buttons from Grandmother’s button box.

Resin jewellery is leading a trend towards jewellery that has value not because men have had to mine it from the earth, but because it represents something of personal importance to the wearer. To be completely up to date with fashion trends, take a look at the massive range of styles and designs offered by resin jewellery retailers online.

Wooden jewellery
International Hip Hop music stars have also played their part in popularising wooden jewellery and there is a strong, new trend away from the gaudy platinum pendants, gold chains and diamond rings associated with hip hop in the past. Retro-style wooden brooches, pendants, bracelets and earrings are now the favourite fashion jewellery of all cool kids, and many popular retail stores have been overwhelmed by the demand for the new wooden jewellery.

What the models wear
Now that affordable and environmentally friendly wooden jewellery is back everyone can wear exactly what the runway models are showcasing around the globe. Australia can be proud of its own designers who are contributing in full measure to the global trend for sustainable natural products to produce beautiful fashion jewellery for today’s women.

Many pieces of wooden jewellery are hand-made in small, fair trade workshops using traditional techniques and the choice encompasses items featuring the natural wood grain or the current fashion jewellery colours such as deep red, green, grey, black, brown and white.

To join the trend, wear bold beads, bangles, brooches or pendants with matching earrings and rings from Australia’s outstanding resin and wooden jewellery collections. Be trendy and eco-friendly and find your perfect match in the fashion jewellery revolution!

Stretch Bracelets – Great Jewelry Style

When it comes to fashionable jewelry, one of the biggest challenges is finding pieces that are stylishly wearable, affordable and comfortable. Stretch bracelets meet all of these requirements.

Although there’s been a lot of hype over CZ bracelets, bangle bracelets and cuff bracelets, those styles may not work for every woman. Or, they may not be the best choices for workplace jewelry, as when it comes to typing on the computer, they can be restrictive. On the other hand, stretch bracelets are a great alternative to suit any type of taste. From CZ and rhinestone bracelets to beaded and all metal styles, there’s something for everyone.

Stretch bracelets are very nice because they pretty much fit any woman. They are very comfortable to wear, and best of all, they are completely affordable. Most of these kinds of bracelets are held together with stretchy cord or elastic, so you don’t need to pay for an elaborate setting. The stone in stretch bracelet is set close together, therefore, you really get the most for your money.

Stretch bracelets are suitable for any age. They are easy to wear so everyone from teenage girls to moms to grandmothers can easily sport this style. They are especially nice for older women who may not be able to fasten or clasp another type of bracelet. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Your Fashion Jewelry Style Personality?

We all have a certain personality that reflects our fashion style. It speaks volumes about us to people we don’t know. Read this to find out what is your fashion jewelry style personality


Tradition is an important part of your life. You are mostly around the age of 40. Your jewelry box has a few timeless classic pieces like a strand of pearls or a vintage brooch. You avoid prints and prefer solid colors like black, red and white. You wear your timeless classic style and not the other way round. You know when a drop of pearl earrings or a diamond bracelet is enough to reflect your personality. You prefer expensive items in your jewelry box that will last long and don’t throw them away till they are worn out. You are always confident that you will look good whatever the occasion even though you will not be the center of the crowd, something that you always avoid. That is the reason you like playing it safe with these timeless classic fashion jewelry pieces.


Femininity oozes from your style. You are hopeless romantic who is in love with the past. You wish you were born in the Victorian era and fallen in love in that time period. Your jewelry box is full of girlie, pretty and delicate pieces. Floral motifs, butterflies, symbols of love like the heart are your favorite designs. You love wearing, looking at and surrounding yourself with pretty things. Romantic fashion jewelry personalities love pastels to create a soft and dreamy look. Read the rest of this entry »