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Your Favourite Local Jewellery Store is on the Internet

Many people have certain shops they have patronised their entire life, such as the local jewellery shop. You may have purchased your wedding rings there and feel your heart tug when you think of shopping at any other jewellery shop.

Thankfully, many brick and mortar shops are taking their diamond jewellery and other jewellery pieces online and setting up an Internet shop.

The days when the only competition the diamond jewellery shop in your city has was the one five metres down the highway are gone. Today, you can log into the Internet in a matter of minutes and have hundreds, perhaps thousands of pieces of jewellery at your fingertips.Diamond jewellery online is one of the hottest trends to hit online shopping due to the competitive pricing and inventory availability.

More DiamondJewellery and Inventory
Traditional jewellery shops can only stock a limited amount of inventory and so your diamond jewellery search is narrowed to what they have in the building. However, when you shop online, there are more pieces than you could possibly look at in one sitting. This is simply because the diamond jewellery and other pieces of jewellery don’t have to be physically stored. The jeweller can simply tell his vendor what is needed as it is ordered. No inventory to keep on hand and you get much larger variety of pieces.

Better Diamond Jewellery Pricing
Diamond jewellery online has more competitive pricing than you find in your local jewellery shop as well. There are two main reasons for this, lower overhead and more competition. First, the online jewellery shop has lower overhead than the local jeweller. Typically, they are only paying fees for their website and perhaps a company to host the site. They don’t have to pay electricity, water, employees and other fees involved in a brick and mortar business.

They can pass this savings on to you in lower prices for their jewellery, which is important so that they stay competitive in the online jewellery world.

The next time you log in and look for diamond jewellery online, you might be surprised to find your local jewellery shop has an online shop as well.

Why Name Necklaces Are the Perfect Gift for Any Woman

When shopping for a woman on your gift list, it can be frustrating to find something that is personal enough to be appreciated but not so personal that it may seem inappropriate. Lingerie is reserved for those with whom you have an intimate relationship, and flowers and candy can seem very generic and stale. The perfect choice for many women on your list may be name necklaces, a choice that has seen a resurgence in popularity since the TV show “Sex and the City.”

Consider why custom name necklaces can be such a great choice for the woman on your list, and how to choose one wisely so you know she’ll love it.

Making it Custom and Personal

When you choose custom name necklaces, you’re showing a personal interest in the woman on your gift list. Anyone can pick up flowers from the florist or sign their name to a greeting card, but name necklaces say that you gave some thought to her and her alone, since her name is very personal. They’re a great choice for when you want something more intimate than flowers or another knickknack for her home, but not so intimate that it may seem in poor taste.

Custom name necklaces are also personal enough that they work well for many women on your gift list; you don’t need to use her name but can find name necklaces that say “Mom” or “Grandma.” These make the perfect choice for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or Christmas! You might also personalise the custom name necklaces with even more details, such as the addition of gemstones. These may be the birthstones of her children or her own birthstone. You may also want to add a diamond to make those name necklaces something very special.

Choices and Options

Many women today prefer the Carrie necklace that was made popular by “Sex and the City,” but a woman on your gift list may prefer something more personal to her. Smaller or fancier type, silver rather than gold, or block lettering may be more to her taste. When you have many women on your gift list such as for Christmas or Mother’s Day, choosing different custom name necklaces can mean giving each one something special for her. She may also appreciate the standard Carrie necklace but in silver rather than gold, or with a slight change in style.


Another reason to consider custom name necklaces is that they’re very affordable. Most name necklaces are not much more expensive than a plain necklace, so you can give a gift that is very personal without breaking your budget. If you add a gemstone or two, this is also typically very affordable and can give your Carrie necklace the pop of personality it needs. You can even find matching earrings or a ring or other items that coordinate with your Carrie necklace so the woman on your gift list has everything she needs to make her next special occasion even more personal.


At Bevilles, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our company has been in business for three generations and we bring those years of experience in customer service and satisfaction to your front door. Whether it’s name necklaces you need or engagement rings or wedding gifts, we have it all and make it all more affordable than you may realise.

When you need custom name necklaces for the women on your gift lists, visit Bevilles. Our trained sales team will help you to pick out the best choice for any woman, whether she would prefer the standard Carrie necklace or something fancier with more details. We have all the latest styles and the hottest designs from around the world, and bring them all to you in one easy to use website. So don’t settle for anything but the best when shopping for jewellery; choose Bevilles to find the highest quality items at the lowest prices around.

The Internet and Engagement Rings

You only get one chance to propose to the love of your life, so it’s imperative that you get it right the first time. Everything needs to be special when this time comes around. The scenery needs to be beautiful, the words you choose have to be heartfelt, and of course, the ring needs to be spectacular.

This is a lot of pressure for an aspiring groom (or bride)! Imagine all of the grief you have to go through to set up the perfect scenario, not to mention the infinite amount of stores you have to visit to find that perfect ring. What is fortunate, and makes the process a little easier on the shopper, is that there is a fantastic range of engagement rings available online.

Shopping online for things as precious as engagement rings is the most efficient and effective way to go about it. This way, you can browse through hundreds of rings from the comfort of your home or workplace, without having to drag yourself all around the city.

As well as that, you can also customise your search when shopping online for engagement rings to maximise efficiency. Say you were looking for a specific ring in a particular price range, you could choose, say ‘diamond engagement rings’ in one section, and ‘between $100 to $250’ in another. This would bring up a refined selection of rings that work with your taste and budget.

Of course, if you wanted to see the ring for yourself before you committed to the purchase, you could visit it in-store. Online shopping for engagement rings just provides the customer with a fantastic starting point to finding that ring that is likely to last one, or even several lifetimes.

Your Name, Up In Jewellery!

There’s something so personal about jewellery. Wearing jewellery can remind you of someone special, or a special time in your life. Engraving a name into your jewellery, even if it’s just in the inside of the piece, can connect you with someone or something on a deep and meaningful level. This could well be why name jewellery is so popular these days.

You see name rings, name bracelets, name necklaces , even name earrings all around the place, and they’re not going away any time soon. Personalised jewellery is a booming stem of the jewellery industry, and here are some fun ideas to take advantage of it:

1. Put your name on a chain. Name necklaces have been popular ever since HBO’s Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw rocked one in the nineties. Since then, they have only grown in popularity. A nice twist to the original idea is to get a different coloured chain, or instead of your own name, wear that of a partner or loved one.

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