Your aim for jewelry photography is definitely to tell the whole world you are in the business of trading amazing jewelry. And yes, everyone needs to know this if you want them to get interested in your breathtaking collections. The only way to do this is to take spectacular photographs of your beautiful exhibitions. With stunning photos of your jewelry, the whole world will be buying a piece from you soon.

To take good pictures of this jewelry may not be as easy as cheese, especially if you have no prior experience in taking good photographs. The kind of pictures you take is a huge determinant of the type of buyers you would attract, if at all you attract any. A prospective buyer wants to get a good value for the money being paid. The only way to show the prospect the value of your jewelry is to take good pictures from the best angles and backgrounds that suit them. A great picture now holds the key to the heart of the jewelry lover. Here are some of the best angles you can utilize to get the best views of your jewelry.

Angles To Take The Best Photos Of Your Jewellery

Top view

Nicknamed bird’s eye view due to position of the camera in taking the shot. The top view is an important shot you must take as a spot for this view is provided on your catalog listing of images.  Though the top view is grossly necessary, it may not always be needed for all your jewelry except those with exceptional designs at the top you may want to capture. It gives a good view of the depth of the jewelry piece as well. Without constant practice, the bird-eye view is difficult to shoot because your hands can get fatigued as you hold the camera in position over the top of the jewelry. If the jewelry piece is a large one, you may not see the LCD of your camera unless you are quite a tall person.

The solution to this problem is to stand taller by standing on a relatively tall and firm stool. Another great option is to rig the camera on the top using a C-stand and connecting it to a personal computer to monitor the shots.

Angles To Take The Best Photos Of Your Jewellery

Profile Angle

The profile angle is merely taking a short side perspective of the jewelry piece or another product as the case may be. 

In jewelry photography, the side shot is essential to capture the magnificence of the piece. The profile angle happens to be the most important and one of the prettiest perspectives of any product. It also is the first image most likely to be posted on the catalog listing.

Setting a profile angle encompasses simply putting your jewelry in the background and turning it to show the side of it. When choosing the sides, you can turn it to the left or right sides, a position that faces the camera. Profile angle depends totally on whichever side of the jewelry you may want to show due to the beautiful designs on the side. The side that gives the perfect view of the whole jewelry should be chosen. 

Also, side perspectives are taken at eye level. Taking it a bit higher or beneath your eye level gives a wonderful variation of the image. Exploring possible side views can be tried and the best of your choice chosen. 

Front Angle

Front angles are usually the first image seen when clicking on any products on the website. It provides a wonderful view of how all of the jewelry will look and feel like. Your jewelry photo needs a Front angle as it is assumed to be the picture that makes clients click the buying icon.

The front angle forms a connection with the buyer, and it shows an accurate description of what exactly the jewelry piece looks like. 

Setting up this front angle is the easiest angle to shoot from. It is done simply by arranging the jewelry in front of the camera at the point where jewelry is at an angle of 90° with the camera. The camera is positioned at a distance to capture the entire width of the jewelry piece. This shot is largely dependent on how much you want your prospects to see.

Close Shot

In jewelry photography, you have to fascinate your prospective clients by capturing the tiniest details. Zooming in on the jewel captures the detail you want to be seen. 

Every time, buyers look for details before making a purchase. Taking a clear close-up picture excites them to buy immediately. Zooming in to take this shot should be done with great care to avoid ending up with blurry photographs.

Back Angle

The Back angle of your product appears as the second or third image in the product catalog. It assists other Pictures of the product shots. When shopping for anything, only one or two photographs do not pique our interest as much. Every side of the jewelry must be seen, even to the rear. The back to a lathe extent also proves the originality of the jewelry. 

When taking a Product shot of the Back angle, the back of the jewelry should be turned to the Camera’s Lens; it is that easy. For the viewpoints, the eye level is used so the viewer can comprehend with ease the distinct features they may be looking out for on the rear end. 

Though taking shots from these angles will be of great help to help you on this journey, the success of your jewelry on the internet isn’t just about the angles from which these photographs were taken. The quality of the camera you use, the background, and the quality of the jewelry itself would determine the kind of buyers you get in the space.

Consistent practice with time puts you at the top in the business of jewelry sales and the art of photography. Beautiful photographs of jewelry taken by you will give you a satisfying smile whenever you look at it. Also, it takes time to learn the art of gorgeous photography. Give yourself patience on this one.