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Women’s Designer Jewellery Cuffs: Summer Fun & Evening Sophistication

Cuffs are the big, new fashion accessory this season, so new, in fact, that when searching for images of the latest designer jewellery cuff bracelets, more than a few leather studded and red silk handcuffs decorated with caribou feathers appeared on the screen!

These are more in the line of ‘playtime handcuffs’ than the cool designer jewellery, I was actually looking for!

Make a statement
Designer jewellery cuffs are real statement bracelets, but it is for you to decide exactly what fashion statement you want to make. Once again, the ultra-cool boutiques selling women’s designer jewellery online
have provided us with lots of styles to choose from.

This means anyone can be totally on-trend, without having to change their preferred fashion style at all.

Summer fun
Vintage fabric, made into cute ‘arts and crafts’ designer jewellery cuffs is very popular for a young look that’s perfect for a day at the beach or a summer barbecue. Many of the prettiest cuffs combine different fabrics and textures, bringing together flowery cotton, velvet ribbon and perhaps a touch of lace to finish it off.

This type of contemporary designer jewellery is based on vintage style plus recycling and with buttons or brooches added for decoration, it is very eco-chic. This also ties in well with the popular boho-style summer trousers and hippy-style floaty summer dresses, as well as jeans, tee-shirts, shorts and bikinis!

Evening sophistication
For a more sophisticated look with a simply cut, plain evening gown or cocktail dress, take a look at the cuffs made with tiny beads arranged to form contrasting geometric patterns. This style is very urban hip and perfect for adding a touch of contemporary edge to your wardrobe for just a few dollars.

And for those who have more to spend, why not browse the individual design studios which specialise in retailing hand-made designer jewellery online. You can choose from existing cuff designs made from precious metals, gemstones and pearls, or work with a designer to create custom-made designer jewellery that is totally exclusive to you!

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery is a true love of every woman. Boating of spender, grandeur and rejoice, these jewlelery items are the glimmering stone that inspire beauty to stretch to another dimension and edge. The stupendous finish of these jewellery items has encouraged their aesthetics to leave the entire world in amazement. This type of jewellery is known to carry grace and a distinct charm that are tempting for ladies who wish to look young even at later stages of life. If designed and crafted perfectly, the jewellery items throw unique appeal to the masses under the effect of hypnotism. These ornaments stand synonymous to the world wonderful piece of magnificence that are worn by ladies as a form of embellishments.

Definitely, such a charm encourages one to everyone have the possession of such extensive diamond jewellery. These are the collection of their lifetime that is these days offered in a variety of designs, styles and prices. The jewelry stores today have got to feature piles of stock of diamond jewellery that reflect the intricacy and workmanship of the tactful craftsmen. These ornaments are bejeweled with clear and crystalline diamond gemstones that further result in forming crisply set in a suitable kind of setting within precious metals namely yellow gold and white gold. In order to add marvelous pieces, there are wonderful diamond gold jewelry collections which comprise of exquisite diamond rings, eternal diamond earrings and beautiful diamond necklaces and many more. These ornaments are offered in various price range that flaunts that the market has everything from elite class to the budget conscious people.

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Delicious Wood Jewellery – Fancy Some Chocolate Walnut or Dark Cherry?

Chocolate walnut, dark cherry, maple and juniper heartwood are just a few of the exciting new materials being used in this season’s fabulous wooden jewellery. If you thought you couldn’t live without all of the glitzy glamour of gold and diamonds, think again!

The ‘80’s obsession with glitter is now seen as unsophisticated and child-like – to say the least! And yet the 2000’s was also famous for over-the-top ‘bling’!

Sophisticated and fun

Well, happily our tastes have returned to the more sophisticated fashion accessories and witty, fun designs available in this year’s wonderfully eclectic range of ladies wood jewellery. Online and offline stores are regularly seeing their shelves cleared of the wooden jewellery that is a major 21st century trend for eco-chic fashion accessories.

The global fashion community is embracing natural themes and ethically sourced materials which are more in tune with an appreciation of the riches of the earth. In this fresh and exciting 21st century milieu, showy costume jewellery is quite out of place.

Keeping it real

Why wear a cheap copy that everyone knows is just pretending to be something it’s not – when you can wear the real thing – in beautiful wooden jewellery that’s infinitely more elegant, more trendy and more quirky!

Natural or fashion colours

There are natural finish wood jewellery pieces, made from walnut, mango, juniper heart, willow and olive wood from sustainable sources, that look even better than they sound! Or other light and comfy wood jewellery pieces painted in rich, jewel colours or super-cool neutrals to enhance and update your personal style.

Ladies wood jewellery online is currently one of the fastest growing markets in fashion accessories. Take a look and discover that eco-friendly fashion today offers incredibly creative and innovative designs from beads, bangles, and drop earrings to ultra-trendy pendants, brooches and stunning new rings!

Celebrity Engagement Rings

If you’re getting inspired by all the celebrity engagements in the news, perhaps you can take a tip from their engagement diamond rings and find a ring that says you’re a star in your betrothed’s eyes.

Brides with an antique-traditional style can be inspired by the cushion-cut centre diamond with Art Nouveau diamond floral accents on the sides given to Miley Cyrus. When looking for similar engagement rings online, look for rings that have Art Nouveau styling, or a cushion cut diamond.

For the more purely traditional style, look to Britney Spears and her centre diamond on a diamond pave band. Other stars with a centre diamond on a diamond pave band include Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon. Molly Sims also sports a pave band, but included a halo of diamonds around the central cushion-cut stone. A less expensive version of this look for engagement rings is to have three or four pave set diamonds on each side flanking the central stone, rather than having an entire pave band.

Brides with a modern style can be inspired by Angelina Jolie’s tablet-cut diamond flanked with graduated diamonds in matching cuts. Kate Hudson’s emerald-cut diamond is flanked with tapered diamond baguettes. To capture this style, make sure both the central stone and the flanking stones of any engagement rings online you consider have square or rectangular lines.

Brides who prefer a vintage flair can be inspired by the radiant-cut diamond ring given to Jessica Biel, with its silver-toned scrolling rope design. You can get this look in your own engagement diamond rings by having the stones set in white gold or platinum, as well as silver.

Another trend in celebrity engagement rings, kicked off by the engagement ring of Kate Middleton, is to use a coloured stone such as an emerald or sapphire, for the central stone. Then surround it with a halo of diamonds or place it on a diamond pave band.

Important Tips On Pandora Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are among the hottest trends in jewelry today. It comes with a myriad of designs and colours to choose from, giving you the option to personalise to match your style or personality.

If you are planning or seriously contemplating on purchasing a Pandora bracelet charms , here are some important points to consider:

- Express yourself. One of the great advantages in investing in Pandora bracelets is the freedom to choose your design and put your personal stamp. With this in mind, make sure you pick out charms and beads that best celebrate your own uniqueness. Allow your creativity to freely flow and think out of the box.

- Store your Pandora bracelet in a safe or deposit box. As you may have already known, Pandora jewelries don’t exactly come cheap. Make sure to take necessary precautionary measures to keep in safe and inaccessible in case of robbery.

- When giving it as a gift, take time to consider your recipient’s preferences. If you are giving it to someone, choose pieces that best complement your recipient’s style and preference. Some individuals prefer to wear gold, while others favor silver jewelry. Take into consideration wardrobe, hobbies, collections, personalities etc.

- Style it up. Get the best out of your Pandora jewelry by infusing more fun and excitement in your choice of accessories and wardrobe. Mix and match it. You can either dress it up or tone it down, based on your wardrobe choice.

- Do not soak your Pandora charms with gemstones when cleaning. If your charms feature gemstones, do not soak it in water and soap. This is because gemstones absorb water and soap, which can lead to gradual loss of its natural colour. Simply use a damp soft cloth to scrub it clean in order to effectively preserve its natural luster.

Pandora bracelets are valuable investment pieces that need extra care and protection. You should seriously consider having it insured to best protect your investment.