Fashion In Clothes – An Expression Of Emotion

Fashion in clothes has allowed wearers to express emotion or solidarity with other people for millennia. Modern Westerners have a wide choice available in the selection of their clothes. When people who have cultural status start to wear new or different clothes a fashion trend may start. People who like or respect them may start to wear clothes of a similar style.


Designs are difficult to protect in court, because they incorporate elements that are effectively in the “public domain. Designers in turn respond to this obsolescence with new designs. Although tailors and dressmakers were no doubt responsible for many innovations before, and the textile industry certainly led many trends, the History of fashion design is normally taken to date from 1858, when the English-born Charles Frederick Worth opened the first true haute couture house in Paris. Since then the professional designer has become a progressively more dominant figure, despite the origins of many fashions in street fashion.

At the same time there remains an equal or larger range designated (at least currently) ‘out of fashion’. Fashion houses and their associated fashion designers, as well as high-status consumers (including celebrities), appear to have some role in determining the rates and directions of fashion change. Haute Couture designers followed the trend by starting the ready-to-wear and perfume lines, heavily advertised in the magazines that now dwarf their original couture businesses. While brand names and logos are protected, designs are not. Smaller, boutique, designers have lost revenue after their designs have been taken and marketed by bigger businesses with more resources.


Designers and fashion magazine editors, who hire models, and executives for agencies that represent the young women, are skeptical that the profession can be regulated or monitored. In any given season, we see designers working on similar design themes that define the current mode. Young and unknown designers will be worst off, as they will not be able to afford the lawyers’ fees that will be part of the new price of admission to the industry. Fashion marketing and merchandising professionals are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell the products created by fashion designers. There are fashion designers who are making history from with innovative designs. New York City is home to some of the biggest designers. Individual designers’ shows are searchable under season and city.

Fashion and accessory designers use their knowledge of design principles, techniques, and tools to create sketches and models of original garments, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. Men wore loin-clothes while women were bare to the waist. As a result we find more and more men and women adopting the swadeshi clothes and designs. As of late the industry has started to use more realistic models so that they can defend themselves, but many are saying that clothes simply look better on skinny models, and it’s only about what the clothes look like, not the person inside of them.


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