Beautiful News For Beautiful People

ladies have become additional involved with your health on a regular basis. these need to lead higher lives, look higher, feel higher, and thrive when times are rough. these are willing out to move to extremes, and typically these pay an enormous value. currently consultants are revealing new ways ladies will win the war and feel additional lovely than ever.

when it comes out to obesity, the massive item discussed this year was leptin. consultants 1st discovered a link between this hormone and weight loss in 1994. at that point, researchers were able to facilitate overfed mice keep slim. these figured these may do the exact issue with individuals. all that they’d there is to do was inject a trifle leptin and say good-bye in the pounds. unfortunately, things didnt work well with humans. losing weight meant their bodies became stingier with calories. their bodies additionally became additional efficient at retaining weight. more testing revealed through scans that brain activity in areas connected out to restraint and management diminish when weight loss. when researchers hiked leptin, the areas became additional active. this can be why scientists feel leptin deserves additional study.

another problem facing ladies is addiction. this year the yank school of surgeons ( acs ) set in order to make er life into one thing higher. these unveiled one thing known as sbi – screening and transient intervention – throughout that counselors conduct transient drug or alcohol interventions immediately. this comes coming from the belief that emergency settings provide a perfect method to offer wake-up calls out to patients who dont nonetheless have acute addictions. these interventions are shown out to decrease a come back trip in the trauma or er center by fifty %.

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Wearable Art: Ageless Jewelry Styles

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it comes to timeless jewelry, we often think of diamonds and pearls as being the only alternative. However, not everyone can afford such luxuries. And since fashion trends and styles are constantly changing, it can be difficult to accessorize especially when you are on a budget. The good news is that classic pieces of jewelry can grow with your wardrobe and last for several years to come. The key to selecting timeless pieces that will stand the test of time is choosing ones that are handcrafted by experienced artisans. Factory-spewed and mass-produced jewelry is a thing of the past. These days, the latest trends in jewelry have everything to do with the handmade marketplace. The latest trends in handmade designer jewelry include polished natural stones, sea glass and colored crystals. You can purchase a timeless piece of jewelry to accentuate just about any outfit.

The Statement Necklace

The statement necklace is made out of a wide variety of materials from large stones to sea glass and even fabric. These striking pieces can turn even the most ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. No wonder many celebrities gracing the red carpet choose a statement necklace to pull their look together. The timeless nature of a statement necklace makes it the perfect companion for your wardrobe. Mix and match it with different outfits, regardless of the season, to turn heads all year long!

The Rolex Replica watches design catalogue here comes up with new designs regualry which helps you pick the best latest design.

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Top 3 Fashion Mistakes in New York

It is a mistake to walk through Rockefeller Center wearing mismatched colors. This happens every day but it doesn’t make it right. Rockefeller Center is in the heart of Midtown and any self-respecting New Yorker will tell you that the proper colors here are sedate business and commerce colors: blue, gray, and beige.

Unfortunately, some New Yorkers insist on mixing colors in a haphazard way. They strut through Rockefeller Center in poor combinations like red pants and a pink blouse, or, even worse, blue trousers and a turquoise sweater. Inappropriate combinations like this are virtually a slap in the face of sedate and staid Rockefeller Center.

To fix this mistake, wear blue, gray, and beige. Only with rare exceptions will other colors be appropriate in Rockefeller Center because it is a bastion of conservative New York.


The second mistake is wearing running shoes on Wall Street. Even if you’re a messenger or a delivery boy, this is wrong. It marks you as an outsider, as someone who has wandered into a place he does not belong. When going to Wall Street, dress conservatively. At the very least wear boat shoes or, if you have no choice, tennis sneakers.

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Shopping the Fashion Capital

Girls weekend! In need of some retail therapy, a girlfriend from high school and I went to exciting New York City for a weekend of shopping and, well, more shopping.

Our hotel, the Ritz Carlton, was located merely a block away from fabulous Fifth Avenue where we spent the majority of our weekend. Saturday morning, as soon as the shops opened, we energetically began perusing the racks at Bergdorf Goodman. Floor after floor of beautiful clothing beckoned us. Three hours and a pair of Armani pants later, we emerged slightly less energetically from the historic walls and began our walk down Fifth Avenue. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany, Escada, Cartier, Gucci! We could have shopped for days, if our feet would have allowed it. After making it halfway down the strip of shops, my perfectly pedicured and Manolo Blahnik shoed feet begged me to take a break. Reluctantly, we stopped into a sandwich shop for lunch.

After reenergizing with food and rest, we found ourselves back on Fifth Avenue in Yves Saint Laurent. I was in search of a pair of sunglasses that would fit my face, and be trendy without being too trendy. Erin, my good friend and former optician’s assistant, had been brutally honest about the glasses I had been trying on throughout the day. But we both found ourselves falling in love with a pair of dark brown round lenses in YSL. I usually deliberate over my potential purchases, but I didn’t blink before handing the sales associate my credit card.

Erin’s beautifully tailored Armani pants and my YSL sunglasses were the only purchases made on this first day. We walked tiredly back to the hotel, purchases in tow, to collapse in our room watching The Cosby Show before heading out for the evening.

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Women’s Designer Jewellery Cuffs: Summer Fun & Evening Sophistication

Cuffs are the big, new fashion accessory this season, so new, in fact, that when searching for images of the latest designer jewellery cuff bracelets, more than a few leather studded and red silk handcuffs decorated with caribou feathers appeared on the screen!

These are more in the line of ‘playtime handcuffs’ than the cool designer jewellery, I was actually looking for!

Make a statement
Designer jewellery cuffs are real statement bracelets, but it is for you to decide exactly what fashion statement you want to make. Once again, the ultra-cool boutiques selling women’s designer jewellery online
have provided us with lots of styles to choose from.

This means anyone can be totally on-trend, without having to change their preferred fashion style at all.

Summer fun
Vintage fabric, made into cute ‘arts and crafts’ designer jewellery cuffs is very popular for a young look that’s perfect for a day at the beach or a summer barbecue. Many of the prettiest cuffs combine different fabrics and textures, bringing together flowery cotton, velvet ribbon and perhaps a touch of lace to finish it off.

This type of contemporary designer jewellery is based on vintage style plus recycling and with buttons or brooches added for decoration, it is very eco-chic. This also ties in well with the popular boho-style summer trousers and hippy-style floaty summer dresses, as well as jeans, tee-shirts, shorts and bikinis!

Evening sophistication
For a more sophisticated look with a simply cut, plain evening gown or cocktail dress, take a look at the cuffs made with tiny beads arranged to form contrasting geometric patterns. This style is very urban hip and perfect for adding a touch of contemporary edge to your wardrobe for just a few dollars.

And for those who have more to spend, why not browse the individual design studios which specialise in retailing hand-made designer jewellery online. You can choose from existing cuff designs made from precious metals, gemstones and pearls, or work with a designer to create custom-made designer jewellery that is totally exclusive to you!