Rose Bush Care to Create Beautiful Roses

Here’s a nice piece of technical advice on rose bush care that will be great news for you. It’s on the subject of deadheading which may at first sound like a dead head subject but hang in there because it’s about to get real nice for you.

Once a beautiful rose has finished blooming and starts going downhill, the color starts to fade and the petals begin to drop, it’s called a spent bloom or a deadhead. Well for the health of your rose plant these spent blooms need to be deadheaded, which means they need to be cut off.

The best way to deadhead your spent blooms is to go down to the first leaf or the second leaf and cut the stem just above where the leaf joins the stem, above the leaf node as it’s called. Cut about a quarter of an inch above the leaf node (this is for deadheading not for cutting off new beautiful blooms, covered next).

This is actually good rose bush care as it encourages new flowering. In fact if you consistently deadhead your rose bush will even go into overdrive producing more and more flowers. Isn’t that nice? I told you there was good news about deadheading but this isn’t all by far so keep reading because the best is yet to come.

Why does the rose plant quickly and abundantly replace deadheaded flowers? Nature has provided all plants and animals with a strong desire to reproduce. As you know the sex drive is really nature’s built in desire to reproduce ourselves. Well for a rose the seeds of reproduction are contained in what is called the rose hip which is part of the rose flower. So when you deadhead a spent bloom you are tricking the rose bush into thinking it hasn’t produced enough seeds for reproduction and this is why it goes into overdrive, it wants to reproduce. We are able to tap into this built in natural desire to produce a more abundant rose bush.

Well the great news is you don’t have to wait for a bloom to go downhill before you deadhead it. In fact you can trim it off before it even starts to bloom, while it is still just a bud. So go ahead and cut off some brand new blooms and put them in a vase for your indoor enjoyment for the entire life of the bloom. Give them away you get very nice reactions when you give roses to people. Normally there is a huge price to pay for this privilege as roses are very expensive. But when you prune your rose plant it’s all free in fact there isn’t even a sacrifice on the part or your rose bush as pruning is just a part of good rose bush care.

So go ahead you don’t have to be shy about cutting off beautiful roses for your indoor enjoyment you can have a continuous indoor supply to beautify your home and at no cost to you our your rose bush! Isn’t that great news?


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