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Does Your Daughter Feel Beautiful?

My daughter Ellah, and her friend Ella (both 9), danced with abandon at the Goddess Crafts Faire this weekend. The belly dancers and musicians on stage were an inspiration: each elaborately dressed and decorated, these women were of all sizes and shapes: ample, curvy, skinny, and a stunning pregnant belly-dancer! My daughter and her friend danced so freely, so un-self-consciously that it brought tears to
my eyes…

What encouraged such freedom?
I believe the answer lies in MODELING. The women on stage were so care-free in their dance, each representing a completely different type of beauty. The media, both written and electronic, tries to impose on us, and imprint on our girls’ impressionable minds, the “one and only” beauty standard: skinny, boyish, and unfeminine… As a result, girls around the world starve themselves, and develop eating disorders to achieve this ideal, so unnatural to women’s bodies.

When I got up to dance at the Faire, I was moved by my instinct, as well as my mind: the music awakened a rhythm in me, and I felt compelled to move. No one else was dancing, though… I became aware that by getting up and dancing, I would be giving the girls permission to do the same! And so they did: not a moment passed and both Ellah and Ella were by my side, letting the rhythm move them. Read the rest of this entry »