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Gold Jewelry Styles For Maximum Sales

Gold has always been a mainstay in any jewelry store or business. The timeless beauty of this rare metal has captivated the imagination and adored the bodies of kings, queens and customers for centuries. But gold, like any other metal, gem or work of art needs to change to keep up with the restless tastes of consumers. What is in store for this year?

Gold has the unique ability to be easily worked and manipulated. It can be brushed, stretched, hammered, ripped, mixed with other metals and changed into a variety of different colors. This year, the big thing is Chocolate gold! Now before you think that’s the craziest style you have heard of yet (and I did as well) when see it, you will fall in love the subtle beauty and deep sheen that is unique in the colors of precious metals. Staying true to the warmer tones as we move into spring, Chocolate gold fits the bill.

Chocolate gold is made when rose colored gold is run through a process called physical vaporization and deposition. Now being the gemologist that I am, I’m almost ashamed that I’m not sure how this process is actually done, but the beautiful brown color is a compliment to the Earth tones popular with the onset of the warmer months. And it is a wonderful accessory for darker and warmer skin tones as well. Especially pleasing is it’s look when used in big link chains, which of course is another of the big trends this year. Read the rest of this entry »