Tips On How To Select The Most Flattering Jewelry Styles For Her

Giving jewelry as a gift will make the recipient feel most special. It will delight the recipient especially if you had chosen the right jewelry that match with her style. Regardless of, if you are looking for jewelry to compliment a formal outfit or for daily wear, you want the jewelry that you choose to draw attention to her best features or possibly camouflage less desirable areas. Your choice of jewelry style will subtly affect others perceptions, so what guidelines are there to help you select the most flattering jewelry?

Therefore, if you are thinking to give jewelry as a gift on her special day, you should take the following guidelines into considerations:-

Choosing a necklace for her

Before buying what you think will be a perfect necklace for her; you have to relate to her height, her build, her neck and the outfit she is going to wear.

Is she tall? Average? Petite? Your choice of necklace can minimize or emphasize her size. If you want to create or emphasize a taller appearance, choose longer necklaces and V shapes. A necklace that falls past the bust line but above the waist will elongate while a choker style or shorter U shaped necklace resting on the breast bone will shorten her appearance. If she is petite, go for daintier pieces.

You should also consider the size of the necklace that you choose. Fuller figures can compliment their proportions with larger, while chunkier pieces that would overwhelm to an individual with a smaller frame.

As for her neck, does she have a long slender neck or a short neck?

If she has a long slender neck, a perfect selection will be collar necklace or chokers. With ultra short necklaces, it will bring out the beauty of her long slender neck.

If she has a short neck, choose a long necklace or a lariat in order to make her neck looks longer. Besides that, both of these necklaces selection have an overall slimming visual effect on her entire look. The lariat, with the 2 dangling ends will give the illusion of length.

Lastly, the outfit she is will be wearing together with the necklace that you have chosen. Not to worry much on this as she will know to mix and match with her outfit.

Therefore, before you buy the necklace, try to visualize her wearing it.

Choosing earrings for her

Few factors should be put into consideration when you would like to buy earrings for her.First and for most, is the shape of her face. Second, is her hairstyle. And the last one, are the material and the most fitting style of the earrings that you are going to get for her.

Her face shape

The face shape is important when selecting earrings. Face shapes are generally grouped as: oval, rectangle, round, heart and square.

She has an oval face shape.

Individuals with an oval face shape can wear any style, and you should have no problem choosing earrings for her.

She has a rectangle face shape.

Individuals with a rectangle face shape should stay away from long, dangling earrings and you should choose smaller studs instead.

She has a round face shape.

Selecting a hoop, circles or button style for a round face would only emphasize the round shape. Therefore you should choose a lean, long, angular and curvy line such as drop pearl earrings or chandelier earrings which will give a look of length to a round face.

She has a heart face shape.

Individual with a heart face shape is complimented with triangular shapes with a wide base that contrasts a narrow chin.

She has a square face shape.

Individual with a square face shape need the softness of round or hoop earrings.

Her hairstyle

If her hairstyle is short and pixie cuts, look for dainty earring styles. Look for bolder styles, if her hairstyle is long and thick hair.

Material & style of the earrings

You can choose from gold or sterling silver earrings or gemstone studded earrings, diamond earrings, classy pearl earrings, delightful hoop earrings, romantic stud earrings or trendy chandelier earrings. You can also select earrings in a variety of precious and non-precious metals. Please avoid buying nickel-based alloys if she is allergic. Instead, you can choose for hypoallergenic earrings made of titanium.

Find out from herself or her parents whether or not she is allergic to nickel-based alloys. You can look out, whether she is typically wearing gold at the moment or she prefer silver most of the time? And does she prefer more ornate jewelry or just simple piece? No point of buying her expensively if she can’t even wear it.

Again, try to visualize first the earrings on her ears. You have to concentrate on styles that accentuate the ear without overwhelming it. Tiny stud earrings tend to get lost on anyone’s ear, while huge, draping pieces draw the eye downward.

If she does not have pierced ears, clip on earrings and earmuffs are an ideal choice.

Choosing bracelets and rings for her

Does she animated with her hands when talking? Then, take as much consideration to the jewelry there, as near her face.

Similar guidelines should be followed with bracelets and rings as with necklace choice. Women of average build and height will find a wide bracelet most complimentary. Petite women should look for more delicate pieces and tall or full figured women should layer several small or wide bracelets, avoiding very delicate pieces that can look lost.

Choosing a ring for her is quite tricky especially if you don’t know the person’s size. Of course, it will be easier if she will be coming along with you to the jewelry shop. But, you want this to be a surprise gift for her. Want can you do? There are two solutions. First solution that is easier for you is, you go for something that doesn’t require any measurements such as necklace, pendants, earrings, bracelet or even pin or brooch. The second solution is asks her something about rings. Questions must be in general, please. Let say you are reading a magazine and there is an advertisement on jewelry. From there, you can create question by question and indirectly you can pop with a question what size her finger is then quickly cover-up with other question.

When selecting rings make sure that the setting doesn’t cover her knuckle which not only will cause fingers to look short but can interfere with movement and comfort.

Shorter fingers benefit from oval settings while longer fingers look best with wide bands or simple, round settings.

Choosing What Would You Love Her to Wear

While these guidelines may influence the type of jewelry you select, you can be sure that there are many, many choices for all tastes and occasions regardless of shape or size.

Above all you should select jewelry she loves to wear. Jewelry lasts a lifetime and should always feel good to wear, so ultimately make a decision based on what makes her FEEL wonderful.

Also, always remember that, the right choice makes the overall look simply gorgeous.


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